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Obtaining a Work Visa in Tampa, FL

Learn More about the Different Types of American Work Visas from Trusted Immigration Lawyers in Orlando, Tampa, Albuquerque, and El Paso

A work visa is specifically geared toward individuals who would like to live and work in the United States. Most work visas are classified as non-immigrant visas, allowing foreign workers to temporarily fulfill their employment duties, rather than permanent citizenship. Each temporary work visa provides a specific duration of time permitted to work in the country, although instances of extension are common as long as the worker qualifies for the conditions of an extension. Contacting a Tampa immigration attorney can drastically ease the process.

There are several types of work visas available, all of which differ depending on the length of stay and the terms of the worker:

  • Specialty Workers (H1B Visa): This visa allows foreign workers to enter America to undertake employment, and is the most sought after temporary non-immigrant visa. Only specific foreign workers are eligible, and the employer must petition the USCIS in representation of the prospective employee. Only certain special occupations apply for this visa, and the employer must file a labor condition application with the Department of Labor.
  • Temporary Skilled or Unskilled Workers (H2B Visa): If an employer's need for an oversea foreign worker is only temporary, this visa will allow the employer to recruit. The allotted duration of stay is one year and can be extended to three years, although an extension is a rarity.
  • Intracompany Transferees (L1 Visa): Key employees of overseas companies with ties to American corporations are granted entry, assuming that they pass the specific requirements.
  • Employment-based Preference Visas: Preference categories of this visa are based on a numerical restriction that regulates the availability and waiting period of each category. The employers of specific qualifying employees petition the USCIS for the visa.
  • Temporary Skilled Visa for Australian Nationals (E-3 Visa): This visa is for nationals of the Commonwealth of Australia who would like to provide services in a "specialty occupation" in the U.S.

Help with a Work Visa by a Tampa Immigration Lawyer

Working out the complexities of different work visas is a confusing process, one that often requires help from a qualified immigration attorney. AV rated and board certified, Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A., is committed to a high quality of excellence with each client. Our firm provides honest representation within our six offices, located in five cities.

Seek the right legal assistance by contacting a Tampa work visa lawyer.

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