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Business Friendly Visa Policy between China and U.S. Takes Effect

Not all immigration news or actions are controversial. During his visit to China at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit meeting, the President announced that the United States and China have agreed to a reciprocal 10-year visa policy for visitors and business travelers. These are not just great news for Chinese nationals traveling to the United States, but also for Americans who study and work in China.

This new policy is effective immediately and allows citizens of both countries to travel to each other's country on a single visa for up to ten years. Previously, travelers could only receive one-year visas. This new measure puts China on bar with most European and many other Asian countries.

Other visas are affected as well. The reciprocity schedule for Chinese nationals has changed as follows:

B-1 120 months (business traveler)

B-2 120 (visitor for pleasure)

F-1 60 (academic student)

F-2 60 (dependant of academic student)

J-1 60 (exchange visitor)

J-2 60 (dependant of exchange visitor)

M-1 60 (vocational student)

M-2 60 (dependant of vocational student)