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Executive Action - Businesses Left Out...

When the President announced immigration executive action last week, he did so, at least in part, under the pretense of keeping families together. A noble thought indeed, but strategically incomplete and flawed.

I opine the President could have avoided "poisoning the well" or "playing with fire" had he included immigration relief for businesses in his executive action because the Republican House and soon to be Republican Senate would have been hard pressed to argue against that.

While the executive action announcement promises revamping the labor certification program, giving work authorizations to H-4 dependants, extending optional practical training work authorizations for certain students, and modernizing the employment-based immigrant visa system, those are just that – promises.

High-tech businesses have lobbied for months to be allotted green cards for STEM (science, technology engineering, math) educated workers; green cards which have been approved previously, but have never been allocated to any immigrant category. While the President cannot issue green cards, he could have "recaptured" the 200,000 green cards never used but previously authorized by Congress.

When senior officials briefed reporters on the issue, they claimed the Department of Homeland Security and the White House looked at that option, but determined that the time for issuing these green cards had lapsed. Really; based on what?

This Administration has no clue how to compromise or strategize. Everybody knows the Republicans vowed to find ways to overturn Obama's executive action, but I am sure that executive action that would have benefitted and included businesses too, would have resulted in some insulation and justification for executive action and may have silenced many on the right.