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EXTRA - Immigration Executive Action - EXTRA

I have always predicted that there will not be any kind of immigration reform and tonight I report to you that I am very pleased to have been wrong. Although the President did not share all of the details in his emotional address, I have an advance copy of what will be announced tomorrow and I am sharing these details with you tonight:

Enforcement Priorities:

Most of the existing ICE memoranda on enforcement priorities will be replaced by a new memorandum focusing on three priorities: (1) suspected terrorists, convicted felons and gang members, and persons apprehended at the border; (2) persons convicted of serious misdemeanors and border crossers who entered after 1/1/2014; and (3) those who, after 1/1/14, failed to leave under a deportation order or returned after removal.

Deferred Action:

This will benefit about 4.4 million people. (1) Deferred Action for parents: parents of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents who have been continuously present since 1/1/2010; (2) DACA expansion: The age cap on Daca will be removed and the date when continuous presence must have started will be moved from 6/15/07 to 1/1/10.

601A Waivers:

"Extreme hardship" will be clarified and waivers will be expanded to spouses and children of lawful permanent residents.

Adjustment of Status Timing:

By way off regulation, employment-based applicants who are caught in the quota backlog can apply for advanced adjustment of status and obtain the benefits of pending adjustment of status.

Visa Modernization:

This will come in form of a Presidential memorandum and make more optimal use of visa numbers, recapture more visa numbers and possibly no longer count derivative applicants towards the visa numbers.

State & Local:

Secure Communities will be discontinued and ICE detainers could be replaced by requests for notifications to ICE.

Parole in Place:

Parole-in-place will be expanded to families of individuals trying to enlist in the armed forces because some branches ban applicants who have undocumented family members.

There you have it; this is what I know tonight. I will keep you posted!