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Immigration Executive Action - Washington Has Gone Mad

Notwithstanding that Obama's threats of acting alone on immigration have no merit to date; the Republican leadership is loading yet another useless weapon into their limping Trojan horse. Since nobody has been impressed by them waving the power of the purse, they are now contemplating a "rescission bill." Really?

A rescission bill, according to the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, would allow Republicans to pass a spending bill by next month's deadline; but then allow them to come back later and defund any funds allocated to Obama's immigration plans.

Mr. Chairman, your plan is misplaced and in vain because the U.S. Immigration & Citizenship Services does not need your purse because the agency, unlike most other federal agencies, is funded entirely by user fees. This means, whatever executive action benefits Obama implements for undocumented immigrants, will be paid for entirely by those undocumented immigrants.

It's remarkable that the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee has no clue what his committee funds and does not fund and it is equally remarkable how irresponsibly the President toys with the emotions of millions by not acting. Does he really think this will get better by waiting?