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Secure Border

The Obama administration executed 438,421 deportations in 2013. This brings the number of deportations during Obama's presidency to well over two million; an all-time record.

According to PEW research data and other news sources, 2013 deportations increased by 20,000 over 2012 and by more than 51,000 over 2011, and yet, there's a decline in the pace of enforcement as reported by the Department of Homeland Security.

This ongoing trend reflects a shift in removals of undocumented persons living in the interior of the United States to those attempting to cross the southern border. Almost half of all removals in 2013 were "expedited removals" of persons apprehended along the border when they attempted to cross.

Additional fast-track removals are a result of reinstated removal orders which have not been executed previously and which do not require any additional court hearings. In sum, only 13% of the almost ½ million persons removed in 2013 went through immigration court hearings or somewhat more extensive reviews by immigration officers.

These actions have earned the President the title "Deporter-in-chief." While it is not flattering and does not sit well with the immigrant community, I hope the administration will take advantage of it and use it to further the President's immigration executive action agenda. Immigration opponents keep arguing that we cannot have any sort of immigration reform unless our borders are secured.

Here's a marketing tip Mr. Deporter-in-chief: You have deported more individuals, children and families than anyone before you and most of those were apprehended at the border. Step into the rose garden and tell the nation: "I have secured our border."