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Lawyers Say U.S. Consulates Are Abusing Discretion to Stop Immigration

Lawyers Say U.S. Consulates Are Abusing Discretion to Stop Immigration

As recently reported in the Miami Herald, immigration lawyers are increasingly accusing U.S. consulates in various parts of the world of abusing their discretion to stop legal immigration.

Many immigration attorneys believe that too many United States embassies are going by their own judgement, rather than federal guidelines. “My client clearly meets the requisites. This decision is arbitrary and capricious and shows how consulates are abusing their discretion which isn’t reviewable in court,” Tammy Fox-Isicoff told the Herald, following a decision which imposed a $1 million proof of assets on one of her clients.

The issue is compounded by the fact that there is currently no appeals process for visa refusals. For immigration attorneys, the only review option when it comes to a consular’s decision is to visit LegalNet — an office which operates within the State Department. Yet according to the United States Supreme Court case Kerry v. Din, LegalNet does not review case findings, bringing immigration attorneys back to square one.  

Because of the Trump administration’s current immigration policies, many attorneys have come to believe that denying immigrant visas is essentially another way of separating families, and slowing the pace of legal immigration. “I can see people being very discouraged,” said Glorily López, an immigration attorney from Wisconsin. “We all know the administration wants a wall on the southern border. But because that wall hasn’t been built, the government has resorted to utilizing this invisible wall of trying to restrict legal immigration.”

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At Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A., our Florida immigration lawyers recognize the increasing challenges from U.S. consulates and the Trump administration to restrict immigration. This is why our attorneys are doing everything in our power to stand up for immigrant rights. If you or someone you know needs assistance with a Visa, Green Card, or a range of other immigration issues, call to schedule a consultation today.

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