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Citizens of the United States can often take for granted the stability, comforts, and opportunities that come with their citizenship. However, for foreign nationals residing here in the U.S., their experience can be very different. They are subject to complex immigration policies, added scrutiny, and the risk of penalty or deportation if their good standing is ever threatened. Too often, these burdens fall upon law-abiding, contributing members of our community who do not have the resources or knowledge to resolve an immigration matter themselves.

At Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A., we fully understand the added challenges immigrant residents face during their time here in the U.S. Our Naples immigration lawyers know that legal complications don't just threaten residence in the U.S., but also the togetherness of families, and the pursuit of the American Dream. That is why we approach every case that comes to us with compassion and thoughtfulness. For more 40 years, our experienced and knowledgeable team has helped countless immigration clients resolve their legal matter and continue on with their U.S. residence with all the comfort and potential it deserves.

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"Do I need an immigration lawyer?"

In many immigration matters, individuals are provided forms and paperwork and it is assumed that they should be able to resolve their issue themselves. However, the truth is that an estimated 67% of all immigrants who file petitions without the assistance of an attorney have their petitions denied. These matters are complex and it is always recommended that you have proven legal insight by your side when navigating them.

These are just a few of the many immigration law matters our experienced team is ready to handle. No matter what the nature of your immigration issue might be, we invite you to contact our firm today.

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If you are dealing with an immigration matter, it may feel like you have seemingly endless choices in legal counsel. Few firms, however can match the service, reliability, and advocacy our lawyers consistently provides our clients.

Clients who choose Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A.​ can count on:

  • A legal team with more than 100 collective years of legal experience
  • Award-winning counsel from leaders in the legal industry
  • Board Certified legal expertise
  • Attentive, compassionate legal service
  • Convenient and prompt online consultations to start their case

Want to start exploring your legal options? Contact our firm today or submit an online consultation form. Our affiliated Naples office is ready to hear from you and start pursuing the immigration solutions you need.

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