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Priority Dates for Employment Based Third Preference Jump Ahead


There is finally good news for our skilled and professional immigrants seeking admission under the Employment Based Third Preference!

For all countries other than China and India, the priority dates for EB-3 have advanced from November 1, 2012 in December, to January 1, 2014, a jump of 14 months in the span of 90 days.

For persons born in China or India, the gains have been more modest.

For persons not born in China or India, the cutoff date is now shorter than the processing time for Alien Labor Certification. This means that by the time an applicant completes the PERM process, the priority date will be near or reached.

Immigrants who are considering pursuing Alien Labor Certification should act immediately to take full advantage of this unusal respite in the waiting times for employment-based Third Preference!


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