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Family Immigration

Family Immigration

Experience Counts!

Your future visa status will likely shape your life and future generations. Successful completion of the immigration process is of paramount importance.

Maney Gordon Zeller has assisted over 38,000 persons in addressing their US immigration needs. Over the past 40 years, we have served the interests of immigrants from all five major continents in reaching their goals to live and work in the United States.

Maney Gordon Zeller is authorized to practice immigration law in all 50 states and before the Department of State abroad.

Although a national law firm, we operate on a personal level, with high priority given to each client.

Foreign nationals have many options for immigrating or working in the United States. Maney Gordon Zeller provides legal representation in the following areas:

Areas of Representation for Family/Individual Visas

Family Visas

  • Spouses of US citizens or Permanent Residents
  • Finances of US citizens
  • Children of US citizens or Permanent Residents
  • Adult Sons/Daughters of US Citizens or Permanent Residents
  • Brothers/Sisters of US Citizens
  • International Adoptions
  • Hague Convention Adoptions
  • Appeals of Family Petition Denials

US Citizenship

Individual Temporary Visas

  • B-1 Visitor for Business
  • B-2 Visitor for Pleasure
  • E-1 Treaty Trader
  • E-2 Treaty Investor
  • F – Academic Student
  • H – Specialty Occupation Visa
  • I – Media Journalist
  • J – Exchange Visitor
  • K – Fiancé
  • L – Intracompany Transferee
  • M – Vocational Student
  • O – Outstanding Ability
  • P – Performers
  • Q – Culturally Unique Performers
  • R – Religious Workers
  • TN – Professionals Canadian or Mexican
  • U – Victims of Crime
  • V – Victims of Trafficking

Contact a Tampa family visa attorney today to receive excellent service for your immigration issue. We also have an office in Philadelphia. Call (800) 708-4399.

Avoid Immigration Scams

Permanent residents may find themselves in Orlando immigration court. Very often we are asked to help immigrants that should never have been in immigration court altogether, had they been properly advised. The sad truth is bad advice will cost you dearly. Immigration is a complex area of law. Scam artists know this and often take advantage of immigrants that don't have proper representation. Therefore, we've assembled a few tips to help you avoid immigration scams.

1. Be wary of "official" telephone calls from USCIS

As a general rule, USCIS officials rarely call you. A genuine USCIS official would rather see you in person. Always write down the full name and contact information of the person calling you. NEVER provide your alien number (A#), social security number, credit card number, or bank information to someone claiming to be from USCIS or immigration court. Keep in mind that USCIS does not accept payment of immigration fees or bonds over the phone.

2. Notarios are not Attorneys

In many Central and South American countries, a "Notario Publico" (Public Notary) is an officer of the court. The same is not true in the United States. However, many "Notarios" take advantage of this confusion and offer legal services without being qualified to dispense legal advice. Countless mmigrants at the Orlando immigration court are victims of notario fraud. Moreover, the Orlando USCIS office may immediately suspect fraud regarding your application if it was prepared by a notario, or paralegal practicing without the supervision of a licensed attorney.

3. Never purchase USCIS forms from a website

I guarantee you that any website selling immigration forms is not authorized to do so by USCIS. Keep in mind that USCIS does not charge a fee for forms. The best way to insure you have the latest USCIS forms is to visit the USCIS site or visit an experienced immigration attorney.

4. There are no guarantees when dealing with USCIS or the Orlando Immigration Court

If an attorney (or notario, or paralegal) guarantees a specific result with USCIS or Immigration Court, they are not telling the truth! Immigration and USCIS rules are complex. You and your family deserve knowledgeable and honest advice. Please don't be scammed by a promise that won't be kept.

5. For any USCIS, immigration, or immigration court issue

Please seek the advice of a knowledgeable immigration attorney who is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association ("AILA").

Better yet, call us at Maney & Gordon, P.A. We have offices in Orlando, Tampa, El Paso, and Albuquerque. We know USCIS and we know immigration law and frequently appear before the Orlando Immigration Court. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you the best representation possible when dealing with USCIS and the immigration court.

Real Stories from Real Immigrants

Let Us Help You Tell Your Immigrant Story
  • “Stephen - You took me in, a complete stranger, and heard my longing for this young man, Anderson F., to be able to stay and live in America. and I will forever be grateful for your kindness and care. ...”

    - Reina C.
  • “My family immigrated to the United States on a long-term business visa to buy a home, start a business and educate our children. The relations between the USA and the country we immigrated from soured ...”

    - The Reyhani’s
  • “It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Mr. Stephen H. Davis, as a lawyer for any immigration legal needs you may have. Mr. Davis is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in immigration law. He ...”

    - Simone A.
  • - R.C.
  • “I had the chance to visit Maney Gordon Immigration office on Hoover Boulevard and met Attorney Ana (The Boss) and then the amazing Chelsea Nowel who showed a well understanding to my Asylum case. You ...”

    - Ammar Z.

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  • We Are Licensed to Practice Law in Sixteen States & Four Countries
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  • We Are Nationwide Authorities on the Law & Politics of Immigration
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