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Deportation Defense

Tampa Deportation Defense Attorneys

Defending Against Deportation Proceedings

Immigrants and non-citizens in the United States face the very real threat of removal or deportation for failing to follow proper protocol or as punishment for criminal activity. If you have been threatened with deportation, you should secure sound legal representation right away. Our Tampa immigration lawyers can stand by your side throughout the removal proceedings and aggressively fight to defend your right to be in this country.

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Reasons for Deportation

Four of the most common reasons for deportation or removal are:

  • Accused or convicted of a misdemeanor or felony.
  • Fraudulently filling out an immigration form.
  • Unintentionally violating the terms of a visa.
  • Enrolling with welfare or another form of significant government assistance.

In many of these cases, the person who is facing possible deportation doesn’t even know they did something wrong. At the least, they don’t realize that they did something that would make them susceptible to deportation. For example, even a simple drug crime charge like possession of marijuana can be what brings Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to your door.

What Happens in Removal Proceedings?

Removal proceedings are the legal processes of forcing an immigrant or non-citizen to leave the country, even if that does not mean returning to their original home country. An immigration law judge will be tasked with determining if there are convincing legal grounds to remove or deport you. The judge will read the charges or accusations against you to make their decision. Our Tampa deportation defense attorneys can review these charges ahead of time, so we can argue against them during this important hearing.

Relief from Removal

There are several ways to get relief from removal proceedings, including but not limited to:

  • Cancellation of removal: Using forms EOIR-42A/B, we can attempt to have the removal proceedings canceled entirely. This is possible if there is no legal ground to deport you.
  • Adjustment of status: We might be able to change your immigration status to block removal proceedings against you. For example, if you are facing deportation because you entered the country unlawfully, then we can press for expedited processing of your visa forms, so you can become a legal permanent resident (LPR).
  • Asylum: It could be possible to argue that deporting you back to your original home country or country of origin would put you at undue risk of becoming a victim to serious crimes, such as torture, sex traffic, assault, etc. As such, we can argue that you should be granted asylum status and protection from deportation until it is deemed safe to return to your home country or you become an LPR or nationalized citizen.

What is Voluntary Departure?

In some cases, the likelihood that removal proceedings are canceled entirely might be unpromising. If our attorneys determine that removal is highly likely due to a stack of evidence against you, then we can discuss voluntary departure with you. By using voluntary departure, you willingly leave the country and avoid being deported. As such, you can become eligible to lawfully enter the country again sooner than if you had been deported or removed.

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Successfully defending against deportation proceedings often requires the attention of a dedicated immigration attorney. At Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A., we can take your deportation defense case to heart, as if we were defending ourselves. We employ a number of strategies to fight for our clients from all walks of life. With more than100 years of combined experience, our attorneys are well-versed in the immigration laws and circumstances surrounding deportation. We know how to fight these proceedings. Do not hesitate to take an active step towards confronting deportation or removal head-on.

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