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If an individual was not born a U.S. citizen, or did not obtain citizenship instantly after birth, he or she may become a U.S. citizen through the process of naturalization. Among the many rights that an individual receives upon becoming a U.S. citizen, he or she is permitted to hold a U.S. passport, serve on a jury, and register and vote. If you are interested in commencing the naturalization process, get in touch with a Tampa immigration attorney at Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A. for assistance.

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Eligibility and Steps for U.S. Naturalization

In order to be eligible for naturalization, some basic requirements must be met: an individual must have the ability to speak, read and write in English, have knowledge and a fundamental understanding of U.S. government and history, have an attachment to the U.S. Constitution’s values, feel favorably toward the U.S., be a continued physical presence or resident in the country for a determined period, and have a good moral character. When applying to become a naturalized citizen, the process can take up to six months before it is completed. It is important to have every affair in order before the process begins, such as having fingerprints taken, having current photos, submitting a naturalization application, taking the Oath of Allegiance, and being interviewed.

The most important component to the naturalization process is absolute honesty, even if you have been convicted of a crime (whether it has been lawfully expunged or not). If the USCIS discovers that past criminal records have been either concealed or falsified, there is a strong chance that your application will be denied.

If your naturalization application is denied, there is hope. You may appeal for an administrative review, which grants your application another chance consisting of a hearing with an immigration officer. If all goes well, you may be eligible to apply at a later date.

Timeline for Achieving U.S. Citizenship

The naturalization process involves many steps and often takes a significant amount of time. As of early 2020, the average wait time for naturalization application processing was just over 8 months. Note that this is just the application processing time; the whole naturalization process will take considerably longer than this.

Below, we’ve provided a general breakdown of the U.S. naturalization process, including the average amount of time each step takes:

  • Application for Naturalization(Form N-400) processing: about 8 months
  • Attending the biometrics appointment: 1 day (no additional wait time)
  • Attending the citizenship interview and taking the exam: about 4 months
  • Receiving the decision on your naturalization application: up to 4 months
  • Taking the Oath of Allegiance: up to 1½ months

In total, the naturalization process from initial application to receiving your Certificate of Naturalization can take anywhere from 1 to 1½ years. However, note that this only represents the average amount of time it takes to go through the naturalization process; this timeline could vary and be much shorter or much longer than the averages noted above.

Consult with Tampa's Trusted Naturalization Lawyers

Becoming naturalized is a process worth putting forth time and effort, although it can be a timely and arduous process. Here at Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A., we dutifully commit ourselves to immigration law and the evaluation of your personal situation. Our firm has six offices in five cities, and is available for excellent service and highly moral representation.

Ready to embark on the journey to becoming a U.S. citizen in Tampa, FL? Don't navigate the naturalization process alone. Our skilled team of naturalization lawyers is here to guide you every step of the way. From completing the necessary paperwork to preparing for the citizenship interview, we've got you covered. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and benefit from our expertise in Tampa's naturalization procedures. Take the first step towards achieving your dream of citizenship with confidence and peace of mind.

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Local Support for Naturalization in Tampa, FL

Living in Tampa, FL, offers a unique blend of cultural diversity and vibrant community life, making it an ideal place to pursue U.S. citizenship. At Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A., we understand the specific challenges faced by Tampa residents during the naturalization process. Whether you're navigating the bustling streets of Ybor City or enjoying the scenic views of Bayshore Boulevard, our team is here to provide the local support you need.

We recognize that Tampa's diverse population often includes individuals from various backgrounds who may face unique hurdles in their journey to citizenship. The Hillsborough County Clerk of Court and the Tampa USCIS Field Office are key local resources that play a significant role in the naturalization process. While we do not partner directly with these entities, we are well-versed in their procedures and can guide you through the necessary steps.

One common pain point for Tampa residents is the complexity of the naturalization application and the anxiety surrounding the citizenship interview. Our attorneys are familiar with the local USCIS office's expectations and can help you prepare thoroughly, ensuring you feel confident and ready. Additionally, we understand the importance of community ties and can assist you in demonstrating your attachment to U.S. values, a crucial aspect of the naturalization process.

From the historic neighborhoods of Hyde Park to the family-friendly suburbs of Westchase, we are committed to serving the Tampa community with dedication and integrity. Our local knowledge and personalized approach make us the go-to choice for individuals seeking naturalization in Tampa, FL. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards achieving your dream of U.S. citizenship.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How can I speed up the naturalization process?

While the naturalization process has set timelines, ensuring all documents are in order, being honest, and promptly attending appointments can help expedite the process.

Can past criminal records affect my naturalization application?

Yes, past criminal records, even if expunged, must be disclosed during the naturalization process. Concealing or falsifying this information can lead to application denial.

What happens if my naturalization application is denied?

If your naturalization application is denied, you may appeal for an administrative review, which gives your application another chance through a hearing with an immigration officer.

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