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Student Visa

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Visas are very specifically tailored to the requirements and necessities of each individual. For instance, if a student is enrolled in an educational program or course that is under eighteen hours a week, he or she only needs a visitor visa. If a student is completing over eighteen hours a week, a student visa is mandatory for the stay within the country.

Each consulate and embassy has its own rules and regulations when applying for a student visa, such as the interview policy procedure of an in-person meeting with the first time student visa applicant in question. When attempting the student visa process, it is always a good idea to contact a Tampa immigration lawyer for sound legal guidance.

An individual applying for a student visa must meet requirement criteria:

  • Full-time enrollment at the institution
  • Enrollment in an academic education program, rather than a program for vocational purposes
  • The institution being applied for must be accepted by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
  • Sufficient funds must be available for a self-support system throughout the entire duration of study
  • Maintenance of a residence abroad that will be kept throughout the duration of study
  • Proficiency in English, or to be enrolled in a program working toward English proficiency

Avoiding Student Visa Rejection: Tips and Guidance

The best method of applying for a student visa includes very early planning and action, as well as being prepared with all of the necessary documents. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that an applicant will receive his or her work visa, but preparation ensures a solid entry into the process.

Optimal Timing for Student Visa Applications Keep in mind that the summer months (June, July and August) are the most hectic and congested times to apply in most consular sections. It is very likely that an interview is mandatory, and the difficulty to actually get a scheduled interview is high.

How Our Tampa Lawyers Simplify the Student Visa Process

Working with a skilled family immigration attorney who has advanced knowledge of the student visa application process can make the process much smoother. A student visa attorney can help you determine which type of student visa is best suited for your needs, and their expertise improves your overall odds of success.

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The effort to pursue a student visa is a complicated process, requiring extensive documentation and related forms. Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A., is a firm dedicated to immigration law and has six locations in five, different cities. Our firm is not only board certified by the Florida Bar in Immigration and Nationality law, but is also AV rated and armed with over 100 combined years of legal experience.

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