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DHS Suspends New Enrollments for "Remain in Mexico" Program

Mexican-American border

A newly-inaugurated Joe Biden made sweeping changes to immigration since taking office on January 20. Later on the day of his inauguration, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that the agency will no longer be adding individuals to the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program.

Trump’s Controversial “Remain in Mexico” Program

The MPP program, which was enacted by the DHS in January 2019 under the Trump Administration, allows U.S. border patrol officers to return non-Mexican asylum seekers attempting to enter through the southern border to potentially dangerous locations of Mexico while their cases are reviewed by U.S. immigration courts.

According to an article by Human Rights Watch, over 56,000 asylum seekers, including 16,000 children, were sent back to Mexico by November 2019 after the program’s initial implementation.

What This Means Moving Forward

With the controversial program currently suspended, new individuals will not be put into the MPP program, but many immigrant advocacy groups say that this is only the first step towards repairing the harm already done.

The announcement by the DHS states all individuals currently outside of the U.S., including those sent to Mexico under the MPP program, are to remain where there are until further notice from U.S. government officials.

Still yet are mentions of how these tens of thousands of individuals awaiting their court hearings in Mexico, some living in dangerous and unsanitary conditions, will be affected by this. Additionally, current COVID-19 non-essential travelers restrictions at the border remain in effect.

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