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Humanitarian Groups Tasked With Picking Asylum Seekers in the U.S.


As we have written about in a few of our previous blogs, large numbers of people are crossing the U.S.-Mexican border as the Biden Administration faces backlash for continuing an immigration policy instituted by former President Donald Trump. The policy, known as Title 42, is a federal public health code that expels migrants immediately from the U.S.

Facing mounting pressure to lift the policy, the Biden Administration recently tasked six humanitarian groups with recommending which migrants should be allowed to stay in the U.S. and pursue asylum.

Allowing Some Asylum Seekers into the U.S.

The consortium of groups will determine which asylum seekers are most vulnerable of those waiting in Mexico; the specific criteria they will be looking for has not been released. However, members of the groups revealed details to The Associated Press (AP), stating that the government is aiming to admit up to 250 asylum seekers a day up until July 31.

By then, the groups hope that the administration will have lifted the public health order, though the government has not committed to doing so. As of June 4, there were around 800 asylum seekers allowed entry into the U.S. since May 3.

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This is an ongoing matter, and our team will be updating readers regularly if there are any changes to Title 42. Should you have any questions about how the current immigration policy impacts you or a family member, our full-service immigration team is here to help!

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