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TN Visas for NAFTA Professionals: Understanding the Requirements and Application Process

Foreign female employee in the U.S.

Immigrants from Canada and Mexico have a unique opportunity under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) called a TN Visa. It allows qualified professionals from these countries to seek employment in the U.S., fostering a dynamic exchange of skills and expertise across borders.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a TN visa, you must be a citizen of Canada or Mexico and have a job offer in your field of expertise from a U.S. employer. The profession should fall within the NAFTA list of approved careers, which spans a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Accounting;
  • Engineering;
  • Law;
  • Teaching; and,
  • Various medical and science disciplines.

You must also demonstrate your qualifications through relevant degrees, diplomas, or professional licenses.

Application Procedures

The application process differs slightly for Canadian and Mexican citizens.

Canadian Citizens: Canadians can apply directly at a U.S. port of entry. They must provide proof of their citizenship, a detailed offer of employment from a U.S. employer, and evidence of their professional qualifications.

Mexican Citizens: For Mexican citizens, the process requires an appointment at a U.S. embassy or consulate in Mexico. The steps include completing the DS-160 online form, scheduling an interview, and providing the necessary documentation similar to Canadian applicants.

Potential Limitations

While the TN visa provides an excellent opportunity for professionals to expand their horizons, it does come with certain restrictions. The visa does not automatically lead to permanent residence or citizenship and is issued for up to three years, although renewals are possible. Importantly, the visa hinges on demonstrating temporary intent – that is, the intention to return to your home country after your visa expires.

Moreover, the TN visa restricts the holder to work only for the employer specified in the application. Any changes in employment would necessitate a new application.

Bringing the Best to America

The TN visa represents a significant opportunity for Canadian and Mexican professionals to gain valuable experience in the U.S. However, the application process can be complex, and understanding the nuances of this visa category is crucial.

At Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A., we're committed to helping you navigate these complexities. Our team of seasoned attorneys will guide you through each step of the process, ensuring that you're well-informed and prepared for success.

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