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US Visa Options for Thai Nationals

US Visa Options for Thai Nationals

Question: What are some of the US visa options that are available to Thai Nationals?

Answer: There are many US visa categories for Thai Nationals, including:

  • Non-immigrant Visas
    • B-1/B-2 visitor
    • C-1/D-1 crewman
    • E-1 treaty trader (import/export)
    • E-2 treaty investor
    • F-1 academic student
    • H-1b specialty occupation (college degree) work
    • I-1 journalist
    • J-1 exchange visitor
    • K-1 fiancée
    • L-1A intracompany transferee
    • M-1 vocational student
    • O-1 outstanding ability
    • P-1 performers
    • Q-1 cultural exchange
    • R-1 religious worker
    • S-1 Witness to crime
    • T-1 victim human trafficking
    • U-1 victim of crime
  • Immigrant Visas
    • Marriage to US Citizen
    • Marriage to US Resident Alien
    • US Citizen Parent
    • US Citizen Adult Child
    • US Citizen Sibling
    • Alien Labor Certification
    • Special Immigrant
    • Diversity Visa Lottery

The visa categories in bold are the most commonly sought by Thai Nationals. The options for Thais are numerous and legally available. With proper legal planning, execution, and compliance, living and working in the United States can be a reality.


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