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Permanent Residence Visa

Permanent Resident Visa Lawyers

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Acquiring a permanent resident visa, commonly referred to as a "Green Card," is a competitive process. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides only a limited number of permanent residence employment-based visas each year. When attempting to apply for a permanent resident visa, it is crucial to have an effective strategy in mind to avoid delays or rejection. A great first step in the visa process is to get an honest evaluation and consultation from an immigration attorney. A permanent resident visa enables an alien to have permanent residence in the United States while being authorized to legally seek employment.

Perhaps the most focused method of obtaining identification is through the means of employment, which consists of five preference tiers:

  • First preference - Individuals who have an exceptional inclination in fields such as the arts, sciences, business, education, athletics, and research, as well as specific multi-national managers or executives.
  • Second preference - Along with proof of a job offer in the United States (unless the USCIS says otherwise), professionals who have advanced degrees or who are outstanding in business, science, or the arts.
  • Third preference - Qualified professionals and workers with a bachelor's degree.
  • Fourth preference - Within the United States government abroad, certain employees or past employees such as ministers and broadcasters.
  • Fifth preference - Investors who will contribute $1 million or more to create ten or more jobs (or $500,000 if the area suffers from high unemployment).

There is a variety of other means to obtain a permanent resident visa, such as an application for asylum, sponsorship by a permanent resident or U.S. citizen relative, designation as a refugee, the diversity lottery program, investment and employment creation, or an executive order of the President.

Permanent Resident Visa Lawyers

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