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Injunction Against Executive Action


On February 16, 2015, a Texas district court judge issued an injunction against the President’s executive action on prosecutorial discretion, otherwise known as DAPA and expanded DAPA.

Judge Hanen’s pre-disposition on immigration matters and his adverse rulings in such matters come as no surprise. His rhetoric is inchoate and extreme and goes as far as asserting that the President’s executive action will result in states taking on the cost of educating illegal alien children despite the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court has settled this issue over 30 years ago.

Surely the federal government will appeal this decision and seek a stay of the injunction while this case works itself through the appeals process.

If you have already been granted benefits under DACA, none of the above concerns you. If you are a potential DPA or expanded DACA applicant, stand ready to apply. Specifically, continue gathering the necessary application documents and follow USCIS guidance and your immigration lawyer’s advice.


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