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Republicans Take Aim at Hispanics


In a dazzling display of anti-Hispanic fervor, the Republican Party has orchestrated a lawsuit filed by Republican governors aimed directly at separating US citizen children from their Hispanic parents.

Presiden Barack Obama issued an executive order declaring that the United States would not deport the law-abiding immigrant (primarily Hispanic) parents of US citizen children.

The President's express goals were to recognize the harm that would result to US citizen children if their parents were deported.

In such a case, the US citizen children would either be de facto deported with their parents or separated from the love and support of their parents.

The Republicans claim their interests in law enforcement and the need to protect our borders.

A closer examination of the Tea Party leadership shows the clear targeting of Hispanic immigrants and the efforts to curtail the immigration of brown-skined, Spanish-speaking persons.

There has been no effort by the Tea Party leadership or the Republican House or Senate leadership to address the security of the US-Canadian border. This border is much longer and far more porous than the US-Mexican border.

But the immigrants coming from Canada are different. They speak English and, more importantly, they are white.

Not only the actions of legislation and litigation, but the highly emotional reactions by Republican leadership discloses a distinct targeting of primarily Hispanic families and a willingness to reak havoc on US citizen children.

After all, they are only Hispanic children.


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