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Comprehensive Deportation Plan Instead of Comprehensive Immigration Reform?


According to the American Immigration Council, the House Judiciary Committee signed off on a bill, believe it or not, the “Comprehensive Mass Deportation Act.”

Although the American public appears to overwhelmingly support immigration reform, the House of Representatives never voted on it; quite to the contrary, with this latest stunt it is poised to steer in exactly the opposite direction. This latest bill criminalizes unlawful presence, including overstaying a visa by as little as one day.

The bill essentially builds on the 2013 SAFE Act and contains elements of the infamous SB 1070, Arizona’s infamous anti-immigrant law. The bill not only delegates enforcement to the states, but would coerce them into enforcing the federal immigration laws by penalizing non-compliant states with withholding DHS and FEMA funding.

Needless to say that the bill repeals Obama’s executive action, supports mandatory detention, expands deportation, and procedures which lack due process.

Except for the drafters of the “Comprehensive Mass Deportation Act,” nobody seems to think that deporting 11 million people at a cost of 600 billion dollars is a viable option or makes any sense. C’mon Congress, get a grip and face reality; pass comprehensive immigration reform and move on!


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