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Obama Immigration Action Injunction Madness


An appeals court set a hearing for April 17, 2015 to decide whether the temporary hold on the President’s deferred action programs should be lifted.

The injunction was issued at the request of 26 states, led by Texas, claiming the President’s actions were unconstitutional.

While the Justice Department argues that the injunction should be lifted because it interferes with the Department of Homeland Security’s ability to protect the country and “secure our borders,” the 26 states argue they would suffer irreversible economic harm if the injunction were lifted.

The arguments on both sides are moronic. Maybe it’s just me, but how exactly do undocumented parents of United States citizen children hamper the Department of Homeland Security from securing our borders? And what irreversible harm will the 26 states suffer when the millions of undocumented workers who now work illegally will be allowed to work legally and pay taxes?

Stay tuned for updates. In the interim I opine the current state of immigration affairs is a direct function of the lack of leadership in both the Congress and the White House.

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