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Detention Of Immigrants Soars Despite President’s Campaign Promises

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During President Joe Biden’s campaign, he won over many immigration supporters with his promises to end “prolonged” detention and the use of private prisons to house those in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody. To the dismay of many of his supporters, the number of detainees has more than doubled since the end of February.

Overuse of Detention for Immigrants

In May 2021, the Biden Administration terminated contracts with two controversial ICE detention centers located in Georgia and Massachusetts, which garnered praise from his supporters and immigrant advocacy groups.

However, no other facilities have lost their contacts, and a recent proposal by the president aims to provide funding for 32,500 detained immigrants, only a small percentage lower than the 34,000 funded by former president Trump.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas even said in a recent congressional hearing that he is “concerned about the overuse of detention” and also pledged to review problematic facilities, such as Winn Prison in Louisiana and Bergen County Jail in New Jersey. These facilities have come under past scrutiny for:

  • Poor sanitary conditions
  • Medical neglect during the pandemic
  • Racism
  • Abuse and other mistreatment

Advocating For Your Immigrant Rights

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