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1000+ Migrant Families Still Separated After Biden Policy Change

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The Biden administration began reuniting separated immigrant families in May 2021, but recent reports show there is still a long way to go until all can be reunited. In an October 60 Minutes interview, Michelle Brane, leader of the task force handling this effort, estimated that upwards of 1,500 are still separated. Further reports indicate that there could even be 300 children whose parents have yet to be contacted.

Why the Process is Stunted

With only 52 families reunited to date, the task force has received many questions regarding how long the process is taking. Brane admitted that there is no written record from the last three years indicating the number of families separated or individuals involved, nor was there an agency in place documenting this information or record-keeping at the time. Contact information for the parents is also scarce and slows the process.

While the task force remains unsure of the exact number of families waiting to be reunited, they are confident that they know the majority. However, reservations remain as many young children cannot remember their biological parents and instead refer to the caregivers/sponsors as mom and dad. This component of the reunification process increases the sensitivity of this matter and can also contribute to it taking longer than anticipated.

Where to Turn for Help

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