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How Immigration Labor Certifications Benefit from Labor Shortages

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3 Benefits for Labor Certification Visa Holders in 2022

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are over 11.3 million job openings as of March 29, 2022. However, there is also a significant labor shortage—with less than 6 million people classified as unemployed. This shortage has led to substantial issues with the supply chain and individual industries not being able to fulfill duties.

While there are certain downsides, those looking to immigrate to the United States through a labor certification visa may face many benefits from this. Here are three to consider.

1. More Job Openings

The first and most obvious benefit is that there are more job openings. This means that the chances of finding a position in your field are much higher than they were even a few years ago. If you have the skills and experience employers are looking for, you should have an easier time finding a role.

2. Higher Wages

Another benefit is that wages tend to be higher in industries with labor shortages. This is because employers are willing to pay more to attract and retain talent. So, if you're looking for a role that pays well, this may be the time to look into positions in industries such as healthcare, construction, or manufacturing.

3. Available Promotions

Those with labor certification visas may also find it easier to get promoted. In industries where there is a lot of competition for talent, employers are often willing to promote those who already have the skills and experience that they need.

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