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Twenty Outstanding Years for Partner Jack Gordon


September 2, 2012 marked the twentieth anniversary of my partner, Jack Gordon with Maney & Gordon.

It was twenty years ago when he started his distinguished career by sitting in the library and using a wooden citrus crate as his desk.

By the time Jack appeared for his interview, the job opening had been filled by another attorney. Jack was not the least discouraged, and instead insisted that he would be the hardest-working, and most highly motivated attorney the firm has ever seen. This bold assertion later proved to be true!

After being hired, Jack was transferred to the firm's office located next-door to the Immigration & Naturalization Service. While working there, Jack honed his knowledge of the law and perfected his interviewing techniques.

He transferred back to the downtown Tampa office and persuaded me to allow him to work on some personal injury cases.

In serving as an advocate for the injured, Jack found his true calling.

Jack became an experienced trial lawyer and earned Board Certification by the Florida Bar in Civil Trial Practice. He also earned an individual AV rating as a trial lawyer. He is nationally recognized as an outstanding and highly qualified civil trial attorney.

As Jack progressed, the trial practice grew and he became known to the bar as an expert in complex litigation and medical malpractice cases.

For the past twenty years Jack Gordon has provided vision and leadership to the firm on many management issues. Jack has helped groom our trial lawyers to be better advocates and more professional members of the bar.

I extend my thanks and my congratulations to the finest partner a lawyer could have. It has been an amazing twenty years!


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