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Avoid Notario Fraud


Don't trust your immigration status and your future to those who are not authorized or qualified to walk you through the complicated and daunting immigration process.

Only a licensed attorney or an accredited representative is qualified to assist and represent you in the immigration process. Attorneys have completed numerous years of legal education and training. Accredited representatives, although not licensed to practice law, are authorized by the Board of Immigration Appeals to provide limited assistance with immigration matters and must work for a recognized organization. It is against the law for those not qualified to provide legal advice- that includes filling out and filing forms and applications.

Frequently, unqualified individuals will illegally practice immigration law and put people's future at stake. Often promoting themselves using the term “notario publico” or “notarios” and advertising their services as “filling out forms.” Notarios cannot represent you in the immigration process. They often prey on those who do not know or understand that only licensed attorneys or accredited representatives are trained and authorized to provide competent legal services.

It is important to be aware of notario fraud as you navigate through the complex and confusing immigration laws and regulations. Ensure you are competently represented during the immigration process and avoid the dishonest services of those providing legal services illegally. The errors made by those not qualified to assist you with your important immigration matters may cause you to spend more time and money unraveling the mess that they create or even worse, may cause you or your loved ones to be barred from this country.

You need an attorney who is qualified to practice immigration law. Only attorneys or accredited representatives may accompany you to immigration proceedings and appointments. Don't trust your future with those advertising to only “fill out forms,” get the high quality legal services you truly deserve and find a licensed attorney to represent you in your immigration process.


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