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TPS Deadline for El Salvador Quickly Approaching!


Attention! The grant of Temporary Protected Status for El Salvadorians living in the United States was extended for 18 months, from March 10, 2015, through Sept. 9, 2016. However, the deadline for beneficiaries to re-register is next Monday, March 9, 2015!!!

Because the immigration laws require U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) to withdraw Temporary Protected Status for those beneficiaries who fail to re-register (without good cause) by that date, those who fail to re-register by this deadline are at risk of losing their Temporary Protected Status. This means you could begin to accrue unlawful presence, lose your work authorization, and lose your ability to receive a driver's license.

Go to your local Maney & Gordon today to re-register before the deadline! If you are in the Central Florida area, our Orlando office is located at 6200 Lee Vista Blvd., Orlando Florida, 32822, right across from the Orlando USCIS building. Call us at (800) 708-4399 so we can schedule you for an appointment to meet with us for a free consultation!!


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