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Obama's Executive Order Blocked, Moves to Supreme Court


In a disheartening development for our immigrant community, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled to uphold the suit against President Obama's 2014 immigration executive orders. The November 9 decisions means that the matter will now move on to the Supreme Court.

As Latin Post reports, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling comes a year after President Obama's executive order introduced Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) and an expansion of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The action would allow for millions of more undocumented immigrants to apply for deportation deferment for three years.

The order proved unpopular with some when Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott filed a temporary injunction to block the order and 25 other states ultimately came to support the suit. The opponents assert that the orders are unlawful and would result in a negative economic impact. Now that the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled not to dismiss the injunction, both sides are preparing for litigation in the Supreme Court.

Supporters Remaining Hopeful

Despite the setback, many community leaders, lawmakers, and advocates are remaining hopeful that the executive order will be upheld. Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) Chairwoman Linda Sanchez of California said that the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is on the wrong side of history. “President Obama sought to do the right thing for our country absent a legislative solution, which has been blocked time after time by Republicans in Congress,” Sanchez's statement read. “Millions of people will have to continue living in fear until the future of their immigration status is determined.”

Chairman of the California Latino Legislative Caucus Luis Alejo called the latest ruling “truly disappointing.” He added in a statement: “I'm optimistic that the Supreme Court of the United States will see past the rhetoric in Washington and view the work being done in California as an example of the compassion and success that can be achieved when we honor and respect immigrants by including them into the fabric of our nation.”

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