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US Department of Justice Attorney Pushing for Asylum Limitations

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An attorney in the Justice Department argued in August that immigration officials should be able to impose limitations or “turn-backs” on asylum-seekers crossing the border from Mexico, despite the Biden administration reassessing the policies currently in place. This sparked an ongoing debate about the constitutionality of enacting such regulations.

At the moment, there is no federal limit to how many asylum-seekers may enter the United States.

How Is This Being Handled?

In a February 2021 Executive Order, President Biden implemented a new approach to managing migration into the country, partially in an effort to “build, strengthen, and expand Central and North American countries' asylum systems and resettlement capacity.” The order also addressed a goal to reassess the U.S. systems for asylum-seekers and was a step towards ending Trump-era policies enacted over three years.

However, this has been a significant point of contention, as the Supreme Court upheld a ruling that the administration must make an effort to restart the Migrant Protection Protocols program, which forces asylum seekers to remain in Mexico awaiting their court dates. This new ruling has slowed the aforementioned new approach.

Help for Those Seeking Asylum

Despite the continued debate, there are still opportunities for individuals to apply for asylum protection. If you or your loved ones are currently awaiting a hearing and would like to request legal representation, our Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A. attorneys are experienced in working with asylum seekers in every step of the process.

No matter what brings you to this country, you deserve to have your right to seek asylum protected. Our firm has been providing immigration services for over 40 years, and our attorneys are dedicated advocates to have by your side in the courtroom.

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